Thursday, February 24, 2005

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The sun starts to nude latino babes fall a slight cool breeze blowing in my face, the musical sounds of birds chirping and the last minute sounds of wild life filled the air. Thinking to myself, I had better start back to camp. latino cock rough stand, put on my daypack, brush the dirt off my pants and start to slowly descend from the mountain.

It was early September and once again, I was archery hunting the east side of the Cascade Mountains for Elk. latino bikini had been hunting with friends for 16 years, but this year I found myself alone. I wasnt afraid to be alone, for I latina mpeg movie clips these woods like the back of my hand, every creek, hill, and drainage were like old friends.

Stopping to drink out of the cold crystal clear creek, I can see in the distance the ridge smart latina that will take me back to camp, Id better quicken the pace, I thought to myself.

Finally cresting the last hilltop, I can see the valley below where my camp awaits. The bright moonlight shines through the trees as I make my way down the hill. Stopping briefly, to tighten my pack straps I suddenly hear the tall tail sounds of Elk approaching! One by one, the ghostly images pass, I stand quietly, not wanting to scare them, enjoying the sounds of these magnificent animals. Then, as quickly as they came they were gone! Excitement coursed through my body, Wow, not to many people get to experience that. I thought to myself.

The closer I got to my camp, the more vivid shadows dancing off the trees that surround my camper became. Great, one of my friends must be there, cant wait to tell them of my encounter tonight. As I emerge from the dark forest, I see latinas nude a single person by latin beach girls fire, and wonder to myself, who that could be?

With two hundred yards to go, I can feel the strain of the three-mile hike. My body aches and latin asses exhausted, but the thought of a adult naked women latino in my camp forces me to quicken my pace.

As I merge from the shadows of the twilight into the glimmering light of the fire, my eyes fill with tears. Shivers of elation course through my body! Frozen in my tracks, I yell her name, unconscious of the sounds escaping my mouth. She looks around startled for a moment and then, as her eyes adjust to the form standing just outside the light of the fire, she stands and runs to me.

Before I can drop my pack or lay down my bow, she is upon me. Her arms holding me tightly, she kisses me passionately.

Breaking the kiss, when and how did you get here? I ask. An hour ago, she replied and went on to explain how latin neighbor sex porn had called one of my friends from the airport, and that he had safely delivered her to my camp. Not being able to stay, he showed her around the campsite, opened the camper with his spare key, started the fire and left.

As I walked her to the camper, she said, I have missed latinas nude so much that I had to be with you, I couldnt stand being away from you any longer. Hearing these wonderful words made my heart soar.

You are never away from me, you live in my dreams and in my heart, and now before me my dreams have come true. gay ghetto latin her tightly, we kissed, her hand traveling down to the front of my pants and she lightly strokes me. A moan escaped hot latino babes mouth as our kiss deepened.

Pulling away, Honey, I need a shower, want latinos pics take one with me? You have a shower up here, she asked. Never leave home without it, I replied.

Dropping my daypack, I started to get undressed. As I removed the last bit of clothes, I latino lesbians could feel her eyes upon me. Are you going to come with me or just stand there? I asked.

Looking puzzled she asked, Where is the shower? Outside! I said, pointing to a make shift shower. Her eyes beamed bright and a smile appeared on her face, Is it going latinas nude to be cold? No I have all the hot water we need, and dont worry, no one around for miles!

Removing her clothes, my knees became weak. Her latin sex trailers resembled that of a goddess. Still nicely tan from the summer, her skin a golden brown. She has firm full round breasts with pointy nipples, which continually become hard as the cool air sweep over them. Her slender legs with well-defined muscles from hours at the gym lead to latina boobs nicely painted delicate toes. But what was this? She was clean-shaven! As my eyes cascaded down her body, the desire in me almost became intolerable.

Attempting to recollect myself I commented, We need towels! but as I moved around her, her hand grabbing my swollen member. Please, not now, I said with a quivering voice. She laughed and smiled.

Escorting her to the shower, I wrapped both towels around her and then started the process of making hot water for the shower. In latin pornstar small tit the water coming from the creek was hot. The steam rising into the air added to the clouds in the sky. I tested the water and helped her in, then carefully entered myself.

With a single flickering lantern hanging above, I could see every detail of her body, from her beautiful eyes to her red painted toes. She is indeed a goddess, I thought. Reaching for the soap, I brushed against her hard nipples. A slight, almost inaudible moan escaped her lips. As I stood, she put both arms around my neck and pulled me to her, crushing her breasts against my chest.

The warmth of her pressed against me felt so wonderful it had been years since I had felt a body next to mine. With my hands on her face, I latinas nude latinas nude her chin and passionately kissed her. free latin sex mpgs spontaneously started to grind herself into me. While kissing her, sexy new latina started to soap her body from her neck to her ass, caressing anywhere that I could reach. pics of latino
Breaking the kiss, I looked deeply into her eyes and knelt. Taking one of her feet, I placed it on my knee and lathered her leg from her pretty toes to just below latina teen adult pussy, and then I continued the process with the other leg. Each time I came close to her pussy, a soft moan would escape her lips. Standing, I lathered my hands and slowly slid them down towards her beautiful shaven pussy. With slow circular motions, I softly caressed her outer thighs, and then move to the inside. Never breaking eye latino porr I then slid a soaped finger into her delicate mound, softly and ever so slowly as I began to rub.

She was now pushing her mound hard against my hand, while bracing herself against me. Within seconds she started to shake and with a load YES! she came. Smiling, I gently rubbed her while holding her tight while she recovered.

With a wicked smile, she pushed me back, grabbed the soap and said Now its my turn! With her delicate hands she worked her magic making sure never to touch my hard throbbing member. She latino boy sure every inch of my latin men pics was clean, then she leaned forward kissed my ear and whispered, I think I have forgotten something! Slowly, she knelt down, trailing her hands down my body as she knelt, until she was level with my cock

Wrapping her soapy hands around the base, she started to slide her hand up and down. I had to hold onto the bar, which held the shower together as her hands worked their magic. She then rinsed my cock and looking into my eyes slowly slid me into her mouth.

What a feeling! I had never felt anyone give me this much pleasure with a mouth. I couldnt remove my eyes from her as xxx gallery latina mpeg slid my cock from her mouth and using the tip of her tongue lightly pressed it into the hole, then swirled her tongue around the head.

Sucking my cock back into her mouth she started moaning which sent shivers up my spine. This was too much for me, almost yelling I exploded in to latin free movie links mouth. She never missed a drop, sucking latina download licking till my cock became soft.

With my weakened arms, I picked her up and kissed her deeply. After the kiss, she whispered, sexy latinas pictures you enjoy that? At a loss for words, I hugged her tightly and kissed her neck.

Regaining my strength, I turned the water off and playfully we helped each other dry off. I carried her to the camper, where I placed her in the middle of the bed and covered her, warming her body as she warmed my soul. Patting the bed besides her she asked, coming?

With you always, I replied, but need to take care of a couple of things, please stay in here, I wont be long.

The cold mountain air filled my lungs with each breath, as refreshing, as it was I hurriedly finished the last chore and went inside. She was already in peaceful slumber when I entered. Her breasts rising and falling with each breathe. I stood there not wanting to wake her, but also desperately latina plumpers her. An angel is sleeping in my bed, I thought to myself. So without waking her, I backed out of the sexy legs latinas in high heels room, grabbed a sleeping bag and went to sleep on the couch.

Sleeping came fast I was exhausted. Sweet dreams of my love filled my head. The next thing I knew, I was hearing a soft sexy voice and a kiss on my ear, wake my love for we have unfinished desires. The cold air swept over my body as the zipper of my pics drunk masterbating latina slid open.

As she climbed on top of me I could feel the coldness of her skin, how long have you been standing there? I asked. Not long she replied, then I shall make you toasty warm. Saying this, I pulled her to me and held her tight while rubbing her body with my hands.

We kissed as lovers, never wanting to stop, until she reached down and grabbed my hard swollen cock with her hand. Are you trying to bruise me with this, she asked? Not on your life, I replied. Trying to slide down my body, I stopped her. The pleading in her eyes said all the words not spoken. I opened the sleeping bag, lifted her off of me, and carried her to the bed. Now we can really enjoy each other, I said to her.

Side by side, with her feet near my head and mine near hers, we gave each other oral pleasure. Her sweet bald pussy, was delicious, her nectar lighter than air, almost evaporating inside my mouth. Sucking and licking sounds along with moans of pleasure filled the room. At the same moment we came together, exploding into nude latina galleries others mouths. We licked and sucked until both of us couldnt stand anymore.

Satisfied for the moment, Hardcore Anal Sex I moved around till I was facing her. Kissing deeply, we tasted each others juices. I japan latin sex bent down to her magnificent breasts and sucked each nipple till the excitement inside her became overwhelming. Pushing me onto my back, latin porn star straddled me. She then bent and sucked my nipples, one by one, sending electrical shocks up and down my spine.

With our passion building, my hardened throbbing cock found her wet tight pussy and with a slight forceful push upward, I entered her. A moan escaped her lips as I inched my latina texas inside. Buried deeply, we lay there, basking in the exquisite pleasure of each other.

With small, almost unnoticeable latin pussy pictures motions, she started to move. With each upward thrust, she would push forward, until we reached a steady unified rhythm. Our bodies glistened with sweat she gasped and said, Almost there! Fuck me harder!

Yessssss. Now, pounding into her, I could feel her pussy muscles, tightening around my cock.

I could feel her climax approaching, as well as mine. With one final thrust, I buried my cock deep inside her and came as she did. Exhausted, she lay on top of me, our hearts beating as one and she kissed me deeply and passionately.

Sadness fills my heart as I start the long climb up the mountain. I long to be with her, I need her, I lust for her. Images flood my mind of her, but I know full well, that the dream of her was just that A Dream. Stopping briefly, I tighten my latina model agency straps, look down into latina and teen and advertising valley and vanish like the dream into the dark wilderness.

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